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BMP to XLS conversion

Convert BMP graphics to XLS spreadsheets


Convert a graphics image to a spreadsheet?

Yes, that's exactly what this VBA macro does.

One day I was writing a routine in C to read and convert images for another program I was working on. Somehow I noticed a similarity in the BMP (bitmap) format of each pixel with Excel cells in a spreadsheet. So I started fiddling around a bit and wrote this small routine to display a BMP file in Excel, using a cell for each pixel.

For this to work, simply save a bitmap file in the same directory as the xls-file with the name SAMPLE.BMP There are some limitations though:

Excel does have some serious limitations when it comes to use of colors - but depending on the picture the result can be reasonable!

Have fun with this one!

Captured screen of a spreadsheet!

You can download BMP to XLS conversion (including a sample bitmap file) here.

I can be reached at niels.horn (at)