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My Slackware history...

I have been a Slackware user since about 1996, when I bought a book to learn more about Linux. This book came with a CD that included 'Slackware 96', also known as Slackware 3.1

I installed it without any problems on one of my computers and started learning through discovery.

For many years I used Slackware as a second operating system, together with Windows. Some time in 2006 I switched completely to Slackware at home. My kids still use Windows on their desktops, since they like playing games.

Currently I have four systems running Slackware at home: two using 12.1-current, one using 12.1-stable and one on 4.0

This last one is my old 486 headless laptop (with a broken screen) that I just use to show that Slackware can run on a system with 20MB of RAM and a 50MB partition on a 300MB drive. It doesn't run X though ;-)

Once in a while I write some tips & tricks in my blog or in the Slackware forum on

If I find some time, I might copy them to these pages. For now, some direct links to a few interesting articles: