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About me

I can't imagine why anyone would like to know more about me, but since you're here...

History in a nutshell...

I was born in 1964 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The first ten years of my life I lived in Amsterdam-West, "Bos en Lommer", until my when my father was transferred to the new development project "De Bijlmermeer". We moved to live there in 1974.

For some reason I don't remember I got interested in the new "microcomputers" that appeared around 1980. I remember visiting all the new "computer shops" that emerged, without the means to buy one - just dreaming...

Then I managed to save some money, doing all kinds of odd-jobs during school breaks, and bought myself a Tandy TRS-80 microcomputer. The basic model with Level I Basic and 4K (!) of RAM. This somehow changed my life because it got me in contact with other people who were involved in what is now known as the IT-business. With some friends I started programming financial software and learned a lot about business administration. Developing software and reselling computers supplied me with the basic needs and a way to travel around a bit. I managed to visit most of Europe, Cuba, the (then) Soviet Union and, in 1989, Brazil.

This trip to Brazil was another turning point in my life, because is was where I met my current wife, Sonia. We married in 1991 and, due to the economic circumstances in Brazil at the time, we decided to live in the Netherlands. We moved into an apartment in Almere, where in september 1993 our son Samuel was born.

In 1997 we were ready to accept a new challenge and decided to move to Brazil. We still live in Rio de Janeiro, a city even more beautiful than Amsterdam!

In 2004 Marcela Luísa, our daughter, entered our family.

Current affairs...

Currently I work as a 'Operations Supervisor' at CPM, in Rio de Janeiro.

This basically means that I'm responsable for delivery off all IT services at the largest Brazilian Insurance company, leading a team of about thirty professionals.

I live with my wife, our two children and two cats and try to divide my time between family, work and all my other interests.

How and where to reach me

I don't think it's a good idea to put my address on the internet, but if you want to get in touch with me, try one of the following e-mail addresses: (in order of preference)